Paint Clip with Mini Pans
Paint Clip with Mini Pans
Paint Clip with Mini Pans

Paint Clip with Mini Pans

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Introducing the MollyMarbles Paint Clip! This convenient metal clip holds 5 mini handmade watercolor pans. Each mini pan measures 15mm x 4 mm and has been poured 2-3 times. They burst with color and shimmer just like a half pan or full pan! Each clip is 4 1/4 inches long by 1/2 inch wide with a slim height. This makes for a non-intrusive but sturdy and easily accessible holder for your paints while you focus on your art!


Each clip comes with 5 full mini pans and 1 empty pan to use as a mixing tray. Colors options are chosen by curated collections. Individual mini pans will be available in the future!


**Added bonus** If you have any of our other half pan colors in your collection they will also magnetically attach to your new Paint Clip!

All Molly Marbles watercolor paints are made with non-toxic pigments and micas.

Each color is mulled by hand on a glass slab and contains only pigment/mica, natural Gum Arabic binder and local Tennessee honey. No fillers or other additives are used, unlike many mass produced products on the market. This creates a strongly saturated, vibrant, smooth watercolor paint.

All colors are then hand poured and dried in thin layers (2-3 times) to produce a solid, color packed result. Some cracking may appear over time due to temperature and type of pigment. This does not affect the usability of the paint in any way.

Love your new paint? We love to see what you create using our paints! Tag us in your art @molly.marbles or share with us using #mollymarbles on social media!

**Sold out? Check our Product Updates page for information on future releases**